Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS)

Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS) is a custom-built programme in Covenant University. The programme is an all semester programme and compulsory for all students of the University irrespective of the student’s chosen field of study. It involves both theory and practical. The operations of the programme are housed in the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies (CEDS).
The Vision of the Centre
The Vision of the Centre is to empower Covenant University graduates entrepreneurially in a bid to make them productive and contribute significantly toward national socio-economic and human development.
Activities of the Centre

The main activities of the Centre are in three broad categories:

  • Coordinating and teaching the theoretical perspectives on entrepreneurship;
  • Coordination of practical demonstrations in selected Entrepreneurial fields; and
  • Community impact and capacity building initiatives.

The Centre will seek to form clusters around various pressing issues that are relevant to the needs of our nation in actualizing her Vision 20: 20 20 project. The following research clusters will form the preliminary focus of the Centre: Food Processing; Wood, Pulp and Paper Technology; Biotechnology; Environment; and ICT. Students and their academic supervisors will be the focus of the Centre in operating the cluster strategy.

The Mission of the Centre
To develop an entrepreneurial spirit, skills and knowledge in the students of Covenant University and others in the external context so as to empower them to become wealth creators. To empower the entire community in a bid to alleviate poverty in its entire ramification.
  1. Collaboration with ECOWAS in fostering trans-border exchanges in Entrepreneurship Education.
  2. Partnership with Tshwane University of Technology on fostering African content in Entrepreneurship Education.
  3. The National Universities Commission, under the Education Partnership for Africa (EPA) with Essex University, UK, and Bayero University, Kano, is collaborating with Covenant University to host the Knowledge Exchange for Entrepreneurship Education (KEEP) component of the partnership. Under the arrangement, two members of faculty were nominated to represent the University at a stakeholder meeting at University of Essex, UK.
The Objectives of the Centre

The establishment of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Development Studies is in line with the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Vision 20: 20 20 of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

The specific objectives include the following:

  • Creating and promoting entrepreneurial awareness and opportunities;
  • Imparting entrepreneurial skills in the students, staff, and members of the external context in contact with the Centre;
  • Enhancing the capacity of potential and practicing entrepreneurs who desire to learn practical skills that will make them self–employed and self-dependent;
  • Making employers of labour in Covenant University graduates, thereby depleting unemployment market in Nigeria;
  • Stimulating the development and growth of entrepreneurship in Nigeria;
  • Provision of market linkages;
  • Mentoring of SMEs; and
  • Offering supportive programmes to SME operators.

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